Massive World – Procedural Generation with PCG

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Work smarter.

Massive World allows you to generate a highly detailed world in a few clicks by leveraging the Unreal stamp system and PCG. All those features come with a custom UI to help you build your world easily without going deep with tools like PCG.

The tool focuses on using a non-destructive workflow saving you time in your level design and working out of the box with World Partition allowing you to scale and create massive worlds.

Massive World works with any style (low-poly, stylized, or realistic) and comes with a stylized example.

🔥New release Massive Village!

Update 1.3 for Unreal 5.4 is out!

New biome 2.0

  • Complete new biome remade from scratch for PCG to benefit from 5.4
  • 100+ customization options
  • Now add vegetation to rivers and lake
  • Now add underwater and mountain-level

New spawner system (placement only)

  • Add your spawner in the biomes and zones
  • Made to work with other tools on the store or your own
  • New tools added, spawner remover and spawner override

And more!

  • New World Partition demo with the new Hi Generation partition for PCG
  • Seamless integration with Massive Village
  • Completely switch to a data asset system, no need to add your meshes inside PCG
  • Biomes can now be shared
  • Greatly enhanced the patch density (fewer patches for the same result)
  • Greatly enhanced the texturing patch density and rework of the system
  • Landscape material improvement
  • And many more improvements!

📌Important: See the update video if you have an existing world!


  • A non-destructive workflow
  • Draw biomes, roads, lakes, and rivers directly on the terrain!
  • Biome Terrain and river texturing
  • 70 4k heightmap stamps
  • PCG biome easy to use
  • Data-oriented design
  • Fully compatible with World Partition allowing you to create a world of any size
  • Compatible with Massive Village
  • Biome variant: Create multiple biomes based on the same mesh collection (for example: a forest with lots of large trees, another mostly with rock and moss but share the same visual)
  • Custom editor UI
  • Mask to remove vegetation
  • Highly detailed world
  • Free stylized collection
  • Auto material with multiple features (beaches, nanite displacement, etc)
  • Automatic audio placement along the rivers
  • Improved workflow
  • The documentation is always available and will never be hidden behind a paywall
  • And much more…

📌NEW Environment Integration!

Massive World now has complete databases matching the most popular environment assets on the marketplace! You can download them and use Massive World to generate your biomes in just a few clicks. You only need the environment asset and Massive World in your project, and then download the database available here.

Here are a few examples of ready-to-use environment assets.

Tropical Jungle Pack Kaizen Digital Interactive

Forest Environment – FreshCan

MAE Oak Forest – Maelstrom

Dreamscape Tower – Polyart

Oak forest – FreshCan

Stylescape HD – Nick Kochman

Don’t see your asset here? No problem you can still create your village/farm and biome, those are just here to save you some time and more will come.

You are a publisher and would like to add it here? Feel free to contact me via e-mail or Discord!

Orbital Market: Link

Note: Only the stylized assets are provided, other assets are used to showcase the tool.

The assets to showcase are Dreamscape, Tropical Jungle, and Megascan.

Technical Details

Massive World will include more features over time as PCG will evolve.

Number of Blueprints: 29

Network Replicated: Can be used for networked games.

Supported Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested

Linux: Yes: tested by the community

Use: PCG, PCG Interlop, Scriptable Tools Editor Mode, Scriptable Tools Framework, Geometry Script, Landscape Patch (optional).

Patch notes: Link

Pricing: Massive World is based on PCG which is currently in Beta. The pricing will also increase over time as new features are added.

🧩Integration with Massive Village

🧩Works with any gathering/interaction system: See Nice Interaction System V2 [Tutorial]

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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