Easy Decal Roads RVT

Easy Decal Roads RVT is a road creation tool, that allows you to create and customize roads and intersections fast. It offers a lot of flexibility and customization options. Simple drag and drop system with possibility of creating presets or adding new road types with your own textures. You no longer need to create multiple road markings variants for your roads. All you need is just a road texture. Road markings can be selected and adjusted at any time. Easy Decal Roads RVT also allows you to quickly deform and paint landscape under your road. Roads are rendered to the Runtime Virtual Texture, so there is no problem with mesh clipping and “Z fighting”.

With Easy Decal Roads RVT you can also create intersections automatically in a very flexible way.

The system is based on Runtime Virtual Texturing, but your landscape material doesn’t need to use it. Runtime Virtual Texturing can be used only for roads.

Tutorial 1: How to setup everything with a clean project.


Tutorial 2: What all of the settings do, and how to use Easy Decal Roads RVT


Tutorial 3: How to create intersections


Tutorial 4: Automatic intersection generation, 1.1 update


Tutorial 5: 1.1.1 Update


You can also download a playable demo here.

1.1 Update changelog:

  • Added automatic intersections creation
  • “Markings Only” mode can now also draw side lines

1.1.1 Update changelog

  • New spline debug mode
  • Improved roll calculations
  • Fixed an issue with black roads on Unreal Engine 5.0.3

Contains assets from CC0Textures.com, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal

Technical Details


  • Automatic intersections creation
  •  Auto Center Line feature allows you to change center line marking type easily. Half broken lines will be generated automatically.
  •  Add road lines manually
  • Add meshes to your road, and create sidewalks, bridges etc.
  • Deform landscape to your road with just one button (this feature is not supported with Landmass plugin)
  • Paint landscape under your road automatically
  • Masking system that allows you to hide road borders when you don’t need them. This allows you to really create any type of intersection you need. From simple intersections to roundabouts.
  • Create road crossings and parking lots.
  • Road sticks to the terrain automatically
  • Create your own road presets with your own textures
  • A lot of customization options

Number of Blueprints: 2 (Road blueprint + child blueprints, intersection example blueprint)

Number of materials: 3 (One road material + material instances, two example landscape materials)

Number of static meshes: 8

Number of textures: 53

Supported Development Platforms: Windows


I highly recommend watching the tutorials listed above. If you are already using RVT for your landscape, you can skip the first tutorial.

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