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What is Waterline? Trailer

Waterline is a collection of surface and post-process materials that work seamlessly to create high quality split-view water visuals for water with displaced waves!

.Waterline provides several quality options suitable from ArchViz animations to high-end mobile devices.

Waterline 3.0 Trailer

Introducing Buoyancy and Shallow Water Simulation on an infinite and localized scale that works with all previous Waterline features! The effect is targeted for the PC/Console platform. For UE4.23+

Waterline 4.0 Trailer 4.4 Trailer 4.5 Trailer 4.6 Trailer 4.7 Trailer

Introducing GPU based Ocean FFT Simulation! Our Ocean Sim is based entirely on Blueprints and Material editor with no reliance on any custom C++ We also have a ton exposed parameters allowing users to easily customize or even create their own FFT based oceans from scratch!

Waterline 5.0 Trailer 5.1 Trailer 5.2 Trailer

Improved Ocean Grid with a ton more detail can now render details centimeters in size across kilometers. New Lake Actors that can be placed at different altitudes and be kilometers across. Imprved Underwater Ocean VFX. caustics library and real-time Ocean Caustics, improved ocean buoyancy (still WIP)

To get a better idea for this product try the DEMO & TUTORIALS

For contact please message our Twitter or our Support Email (available here)

Note that Mobile feature (iOS and Android) are limited at the moment (no simulation) you can see what these are here: https://youtu.be/-oznhg1bJqU

Technical Details


10 Example Levels, 63 Textures, 59 Materials and 70 Instances, Post-Process Underwater Effects, Displaced Water Surface, Water Caustics Materials, Shallow Water Simulation on a localized and infinite scale and Buoyancy, FFT Ocean Simulation

Texture Resolutions: 64×64, 128×128, 256×16, 256×256, 512×512, 600×600, 720×720, 800×800, 1024×1024, 1920×1080, 2048×2048, 4096×1024, 4096×2048, 4096×2065, 4096X4096, 8192×8192

No of Materials: 59 Master Materials with 70 Instances

No of Textures: 63

No of Blueprints: 19

Supported Dev/Target Platforms: Windows PC



VERSION GUIDE (last images for details)

Important/Additional Notes:

> UE5.1 has some harsh TSR Anti-Aliashing smearing on animated materials setting the console variable “r.TSR.ShadingRejection.Flickering.Period” to 0 or really low improves clarity

> Shader calculations in Documentation are from 4.21 the numbers may change across engine versions.

> Changing the Near Clip Plane value from the default can cause artifacts

> As of UE5.3 Ocean Simulation is now supported in Vulkan (just make sure SM6 is enabled for Vulkan in your project settings)

Support Email: [email protected]

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You can contact us at any time and request that the asset you want be added to the site from the Request Asset section.

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