GMCv2 – Advanced Locomotion & Network Prediction Framework


After more than a year of development and extensive community testing, version 2 of the GMC is now live on the Marketplace. If you are interested in purchasing this asset, be aware that the base price will increase to $600 USD after March 31 (CET).

🎥 DEVELOPER SHOWCASE – Check out this showcase of GMC-based games made by our community.

TRAILER – Watch the original GMC release trailer.

🎮 DEVLOG – Hear about game developer Rory’s experience with the plugin (not sponsored).

🏄 SURF DEMO – Surfing GoldSource physics demonstration.

🐇 BHOP DEMO – Bunny Hopping GoldSource physics demonstration.

🎓 FAQ – Find answers to frequently asked questions.

📖 DOCUMENTATION – Access the official documentation.

💬 DISCORD – Join our Discord server for the latest updates and support.


GMC x ALS by Dixon

GMC Extended by Packetdancer

GMC Ability System (GMAS) by Reznok


As a thank you to the community and to celebrate the release of GMCv2, all verified Discord members get a chance to win a $60/$70 Steam game each month for the remainder of 2024.


4.26 / 4.27 / 5.0 : GMCv1 [latest update: 1.6.5] discontinued, patches only

5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 : GMCv2 [latest update: 2.0.0] active

What exactly does this asset offer?

The GMC is a framework for creating movement systems of any kind and complexity that goes far beyond Unreal’s default capabilities in terms of features, flexibility and networking support. It is a highly customizable and Blueprint-friendly locomotion and replication toolkit, that will greatly facilitate your development process with its innovative design and myriad of built-in features and functionalities. Even seasoned developers will be amazed by the iteration speed and ease of use that comes with leveraging the GMC for creating single- and multiplayer games.

How do I know if I need this?

For single-player games, consider whether you need a more extensive, robust, flexible and feature-rich character movement implementation than what Unreal provides out of the box. However, if you’re making a multiplayer game, you almost certainly need this plugin if you want professionally replicated movement in your game. Implementing lag-free, server-authoritative multiplayer movement is a notoriously difficult task and very hard to get right – the GMC will help you immensely with this by automating almost all of the complex setup required for you.

Will I get any help after I buy this?

Absolutely. Your purchase not only grants you access to the asset itself but also to the Discord support server, which is home to an active and friendly community of fellow developers. Beyond receiving assistance with any GMC-related questions, the Discord server is a place where you can share feedback, showcase your work, access preview builds of upcoming GMC versions, download templates and community-generated content, and engage in discussions about game development in general. It’s a space where users can collaborate, learn from each other, and collectively improve their skills.

Anything else I should know before purchasing?

It is highly recommended that you review the FAQ section on the documentation website. This will provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect from the plugin and help you determine whether it meets your requirements.

Okay, I’ve purchased the asset. How do I get started?

Follow the instructions in DISCORD to verify your purchase and join the support server. Once verified, navigate to the first-steps channel, where you’ll find detailed information to guide you through the initial setup and get you started on your development journey.

If you have any more questions contact [email protected], write a DM in Discord, or post a message in the Questions section here on the Marketplace page.

Note: The GMC is a fully custom solution built from scratch and not related to Unreal’s Character/CharacterMovementComponent classes in any way. It is therefore not directly compatible with any assets or engine features that depend on these classes.

Technical Details


  • 500+ Blueprint-Exposed Functions, Events & Properties: Covers a wide variety of features and functionality.
  • Extendable High-Quality Movement: Suitable for any type of humanoid and animal/creature character, supports all collision shapes.
  • Grounded, Airborne, and Fluid Movement: With support for up to 12 additional user-defined movement modes by default.
  • Accurately Emulated and Fully Replicated GoldSource Movement: Includes all of the original quirks such as Surfing and Bunny Hopping.
  • Generalized Replication Interface: Allows you to implement your own custom movement components with full networking support.
  • No Hard-Coded C++ References: Everything is directly editable in Blueprint, providing maximum flexibility and iteration speed.
  • State-of-the-Art Replication System: With timestamp verification, prediction, replay, and lag compensation, allows for easy integration of custom logic.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Features a dedicated documentation website and in-editor descriptions for every function, event, and property.
  • Basic Steam Integration: Includes a UI for hosting/joining to quickly set up test sessions in a real-world network environment.
  • Suitable for Blueprint-only, C++, and mixed development.

Number of C++ Classes: 184

Network Replicated: Yes (Listen & Dedicated Servers)

Supported Platforms: Win64 (see the FAQ for info on cross-platform support)

VIP Downloads Today: 0 of 0



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