Gothic Mansion

Once there was a vampire named Dracula who had it all. Wealth, looks, and a grand mansion. He was the dream man that every woman desired. Whenever women saw him, they couldn’t help but be attracted to his riches, especially. They would blindly follow him, begging for his attention, sacrificing their true selves just to be noticed by him.

Little did they know, Dracula saw them as nothing more than dinner. In the end, these women became his victims, forever weeping tears of blood as a river, a sad reminder of their misguided sacrifices.

Environment design:

Gothic cathedral inspired

See in highresolution :

Included everything on the scene, with separate variations of the combined meshes /door, figures, arc and floor etc.,/

if any issues occur contact me [email protected]

Technical Details

REQUIRED PLUGIN : “Water” plugin should be enabled.

  • Texture size : 4096×4096
  • Number of materials : 13
  • Number of texture files : 68
  • Number of static meshes : 95
  • Vertex Count: 6 – 33k
  • Dust effect made with Niagara
  • Attention to details
  • High quality assets
  • Optimized
  • Full hall with doors, all models are two sided
  • LODs: No
  • Windows: Yes

You can utilize the assets for any other projects. The backstory revolves around a vampire, but there is a minimal inclusion of vampire-related elements in the assets.

Foliage, moss and vine mesh are not included.

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