Horror Music – Audio Pack

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This horror game music pack has 25 scary songs to immerse your player in the game experience! It was based on famous games of this style.

Some songs are faster with a sense of urgency, for when the player is being chased by some monster, or time is running out, others give a feeling of uncertainty, some are melancholy and post-apocalyptic, I’m sure if your game is of horror this pack will be useful to you! 😀

Of course, in addition to horror games, you can also invest if your game is of another style, and in a certain part has something related to horror, such as a haunted house, an abandoned swamp, among several other scenarios that these songs fit.

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  1. A_Dark_Nostalgia
  2. Analyzing
  3. Eighty
  4. Entrance
  5. Ghosts
  6. Going_Down
  7. Gooseflesh
  8. Hi_There
  9. Hit_From_The_Dark
  10. In_Despair
  11. Its_Getting_Closer
  12. Leave
  13. Left_For_Die
  14. LightLess
  15. Lost
  16. No_Place_To_Hide
  17. On_The_Wind
  18. Rising_Fear
  19. Run_and_Rise
  20. Scary
  21. Shots
  22. Tense
  23. The_Dark_Village
  24. The_Grand_Finale
  25. Tritono


non-exclusive license – you’re free to use these packs in your commercial games. No license to claim as your own work.

This bundle is now part of this Bundle:

Horror Bundle – Sound Effects in Sound Effects – UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

Don’t worry! This package will still receive updates 🙂

Technical Details

Number of Audio Wavs: 25

Number of Audio Cues: 25

Sample rate / bit rate: (i.e. 22,050 or 44,100 Hz) 44,100

Does music loop: (Yes/No) Yes

Minutes of audio provided: More than 20 minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes/No) Yes

Mac: (Yes/No) Yes

Important/Additional Notes: The image is free distributed for commercial use by unsplash, and the font is called “Ghoulish” also distributed for free for commercial use by 1001 fonts.

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