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Video Tutorial: youtube.com/watch?v=zh7uFJCJodQ
Sketchfab: sketchfab.com/bunnopen_o/collections/katana

This pack contains 3 infantry swords (Uchigatana), 2 riding swords (Tachi), 2 short swords (Wakizashi / Tantō) and 1 large sword (Ōdachi).
Well-considered shapes as well as proper polygon count are satisfied for each swords. Also included 2 stages manually created LOD meshes.

Blade’s base color, metallic, roughness and clear coat are fully controllable to represent its elaborate surface pattern.
Available to modify color and material assignment with separate part of mountings, procedural two-tone patterns and printing family crest for sheath.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton : Yes
Physically-Based Rendering : Yes
Texture Size : Main masks and normals vary from 1024×1024 to 4096×4096, and detail textures vary from 512×512 to 4096×4096.
Collision : Yes, Custom
Vertex Count : 306 – 5705 tris per mesh (1978 – 9706 tris per sword)
LOD : Yes (60%, 25%)
Number of Meshes : 28 Static meshes, 18 Skeletal meshes
Number of Materials and Material Instances : 15 Materials, 63 Material Instances
Number of Textures : 130
Intended Platform : Windows, Mac, SteamVR / HTC Vive
Platforms Tested : Windows, Mac, SteamVR / HTC Vive
Documentation: pppeeennn.com/katana/Katana_materialguide.pdf

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